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Private Beds/ Homestay

We are happy to be able to offer hosted housing/ homestay, thanks to the many hosts.
As in previous years, we have up to 80 beds.

You can book private housing via our online registration process and it costs 2 Euros. 100% of these revenues flow to the outreach program .

Private housing or homestay means that you will be staying in a private home and not in a hotel.
Respect your host and please consider the following:

  • Please get in touch with your host and ask what you have to bring with you.
  • Please clarify everything in advance.
  • Stick to the agreed arrival and departure days.
  • Do not bring another person (or dog) without asking your host.
  • Avoid ” bed hopping “. For example, don´t cancel your private housing at short notice in order to stay together with your team at a different host.

Special offer

NH Hotel

We are pleased to offer you a special offer for the NH Hotel City Nord again.

A room costs 71€.

What you have to do is:
We have integrated a booking request in our registration process, which allows you to send a request to the NH Hotel. The discount is automatically applied if you use our online booking.
Please note: This is not a confirmed reservation.
Your reservation is only complete, after receiving a confirmation email from the hotel.
Please note:
You can also make a reservation outside of the online booking process by simply sending an email to the hotel and referring to DÜSSEL-CUP in order to get the discount.

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NH Hotel City Nord

Münsterstraße 226
40470 Düsseldorf