Dear athletes, dear friends of the Düssel-Cup!

In 2018 the Düssel-Cup will take place in Düsseldorf again. By saying this, the largest, annually recurring gay-lesbian multisports event in the city steps forward into the next level and continues its more than 10-years story of success.

This event perfectly fits into the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital. Because Düsseldorf is an international, cosmopolitan city which is characterized by an open, tolerant and urban society with a distinctive culture of hospitality and togetherness; and: Düsseldorf is also a city of diversity. This is not only reflected in the cultural and social life, but also in everyday life of the people, and this also applies to the sport, in which people of all generations, every origin and ability find offers and opportunities for their one development.

In this environment, a gay-lesbian multisports event succeeds, and I am wishing all participants a good time, lots of success and, above all, pleasure in being active together in different sports and facing up to the competition. I gladly took over the patronage of the tournament 2018 and I wish all participants, the organizers and the audience in this function a nice and eventful stay in Dusseldorf.

Kindly regards,


Thomas Geisel
Lord Major of
the state capital of Düsseldorf